As Ladakh in North India is a mountainous region, people may suffer from high altitude sickness. You should consult your doctors before embarking on such a trip if you have health concerns. As this is a spiritual journey, it is best not to expect physical comfort and luxuries, even if the conditions seem quite possible to have all these within reach, because the least one expects, the better things seem to be turning out
Call for Cooperation

Each registrant will be given an identity tag. Please wear it all the time because permission to participate in different gatherings require an identity proof.

Practice Texts

Your personal practice text.
The Rosary of Jewels.

Things to Bring
Passport/Indian visa/international flight tickets. Please ensure your passport has at least 6-month validity.
Waterproof layers (especially a top), in case of a change in weather conditions
Heat resistant bowl and cup
Local currency/extra cash for personal expenses
Personal effects, i.e. toiletries (may also consider bathroom tissues and disinfectant)
Medication as you require, for altitude sickness and other discomforts
Comfortable walking shoes with tracks. Some distance of mountain walking may be expected (we actually do not know since this kind of program is mostly spontaneous)
Some clothing to keep warm, it can also be very windy
Appropriate rainwear/umbrella as rain may also be possible. Please note that abnormal weather conditions can sometimes occur during special spiritual gathering
Sun block and sunglasses and hat/cap
Seat cushion as you may require
Alarm clock and flash/torch light